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Pricing & Quantities

Pricing is defined on a case-by-case basis. As with most manufacturing processes, this is hugely dependent on the product specifications and raw materials. We can estimate a cost per garment based on similar products made, but it isn’t until the sample stage that we can confirm this price.

Some of the factors that may affect price include: number of buttons, fabric thickness, embellishments and embroidery.

Our preference is a minimum of 100 garments per run (this can be a combination of sizes). 

Want to know about our garment services?

Albion can offer advice and guidance at each step of the process. We understand that making in New Zealand can be more expensive, but we are happy to advice the best approach to this. Whether you are an independent designer, a start-up or a mature company, our door is always open.

Are you ready to get premium quality garments made in New Zealand?