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about us

about us

Turning concepts into high-quality garments since 1977

With over 45 years’ experience, Albion Clothing knows how to turn your ideas into reality without compromising on quality, the environment or employee wellbeing. This cannot always be promised when manufacturing offshore.

As the largest clothing factory in the New Zealand, we have a great range of heavyweight and lightweight machinery. We also have specialty machines such as seam sealers for waterproofing, and machinery to make tailored garments efficiently. There aren’t many garments we haven’t made before.

Our biggest asset is our team of talented garment workers. With their diverse backgrounds, everyone brings a different skill set to the table. This knowledge is shared and creates a unique pool of expertise and a team that continuously learns and grows.

Our Vision & Mission

Twenty years ago, Christchurch was a garment manufacturing hub with thousands of talented Kiwis making fabrics, cutting and sewing garments. Over the years, much of it has been lost as brands shifted to relying on distant supply chains.

Our vision is to keep the manufacturing industry alive in Aotearoa. We have not budged on this goal for over 45 years, and we are not going to. We are staunchly proud to be one of the few remaining garment manufacturers in New Zealand, creating jobs for fellow Kiwis and supporting the local economy.

Quality Construction

We never take shortcuts when it comes to quality and construction. Our manufacturing processes are ISO certified for quality. We are constantly improving operations to optimise efficiency.


Your garments are handsewn by our talented team

Improving Sustainability

We are always working on reducing our environmental impact. Our current sustainability efforts include:

  • Using technology to optimise materials and create minimal scraps 
  • Recycling all heat and steam
  • Sourcing electricity that comes from 100% renewable energy

Are you ready to get premium quality garments made in New Zealand?